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Many Kinect games are being released to coincide with the launch of the Kinect Sensor. All of these utilise the fantastic new controller free technology, and come in various categories, most of which can be grouped under Dance, Fitness, Sports or Action. The main features of virtually all the games being released are to get away from the ‘sitting on the sofa’ image that gamers have certainly with the first person shooters. The Wii console and all the fitness and family entertainment games that accompany it have gone some way to change that image, and introduce players of all ages and abilities to the gaming world. Now Microsoft have gone all out to try and make XBox the number one console with serious gamers, where it’s always been popular, and now the family entertainment players, with the introduction of Kinect, the latest in controller free technology.

UK Kinect Games Launching November 2010

Kinect Dance Games
kinect dance central opt Kinect Games kinect dance paradise1 e1289406143474 Kinect Games
Dance Central Dance Paradise
Kinect Fitness Games
kinect zumba opt Kinect Games kinect ea sports active 2 opt Kinect Games kinect biggest loser opt Kinect Games kinect get fit with mel b opt Kinect Games kinect your shape opt Kinect Games
Zumba Fitness EA Sports Active 2 Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout Get Fit with Mel B Your Shape: Fitness Evolved
Kinect Sports Games
kinect joy ride opt Kinect Games kinect game party opt opt Kinect Games kinect crossboard 7 opt opt Kinect Games kinect sonic free riders opt Kinect Games kinect motion sports opt1 Kinect Games
Kinect Joy Ride Game Party In Motion Cross Board 7 Sonic Free Riders Motion Sports
kinect sports island freedom opt Kinect Games kinect sports opt Kinect Games
Sports Island Freedom Kinect Sports
Kinect Action Games
kinectimals opt Kinect Games kinect harry potter opt Kinect Games kinect fighters uncaged opt Kinect Games kinect adventures opt opt 11 Kinect Games
Kinectimals Harry Pottert and the Deathly Harrows Fighters Uncaged Kinect Adventures

As more Kinect Games are released we’ll keep this page updated, each Kinect Game has it’s own price comparison page you can link to to get a full list of prices from all the UK online retailers. Occasionally some stores will have some special offers on games, such as any 2 games for £60 (Currently on Offer from ASDA, or a Game bundled with the Kinect itself, which and are known to favour so we’ll try and keep you advised if this is the case. After all, the aim of this site is to save money on Kinect related products, and if we have helped in this way and you have found a cheap Kinect game then it has been successful.

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