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Kinect FAQ

October 31, 2010 · 0 comments

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With Kinect being such an advancement in technology and totally different (controller free) to any other gaming accessories, there are bound to be a number of questions that need answering.

Q: What is Kinect?

A: Kinect is in simple terms a camera accessory that connects to your XBox 360 console and uses Infra Red to track your movements and respond accordingly. The Kinect motion sensor technology and voice activation means you are the controller, so eliminates the need for any remote contols or separate controllers.

Q: When is Kinect being Released?

A: Kinect is being released on Thursday 4th November 2010 in the US and Wednesday 10th November in the UK and Europe.

Q: How much does Kinect cost?

In the UK the RRP for the Kinect Sensor Accessory is £129.99. With the expected stock shortages, retailers are unlikey to offer much of a discount, initially anyway. For a current list of prices visit our Kinect Price Comparison page.

Q: Does Kinect work with existing XBox consoles?

Yes. Any XBox consoles purchased since July 2010 come Kinect ready, so just need plugging in via usb port. Older XBox consoles will still work and require only slightly more effort to set up, but does require 175mb of free space.

Q: Can I play existing XBox Games using Kinect?

Unfortunately not, Microsoft did consider this but the expense require to recode existing games was not practical. However, they are releasing 20 new kinect games at launch and many games released in the future will be Kinect ready sequels.

Q: Will XBox controllers become redundant?

No. Not all games released will be made for Kinect. Games need to be specifically designed and built using Kinect technology so only these game will be able to use the Kinect sensor. Of course, all XBox games released before Kinect is launched will use existing controller.

Q: Can Kinect recognise my movements sitting down?

Contrary to some reports, Kinect does work whilst sitting down, as well as standing up. Kinect technology identifies the base of neck as the pivotal point of the players motion, so will work just as well sitting down as standing up.

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